Saturday, June 23, 2012

Big Red Firetruck

My sister nannies two twin boys, who are of course in love with basically anything that moves. Cars, bikes, trucks and most of all, firetrucks!
So of course I just had to make a firetruck for their birthday party.

It was big, bright and heaaaavy. I made 3 9''x13'' chocolate cakes. I cut one cake in half, using the two pieces for the "cab" of the truck. I cut another one of the cakes with one part just over half so that I could have the piece in the middle (notice there's a gap between the two red pieces of cake).

I then took the last cake, cut it in half and stacked it onto the truck, and then iced the entire thing.

Finally to top it all of, I put some jolly rancher candies on the cab, front and back for lights, and oreo's for wheels!

I wasn't there to see if they liked it, but I was assured by others that everyone liked it.